Power of farcry cms [Coldfusion post]

A few months ago i received the task for developing an website/webapplication for eeStec LC Bucharest. Altought is not ready yet i’m able to say the Farcry was able to help me very much.

First of all Farcry is CMS(Content Management System). This was very usefull b/c i’m able to have the static pages of the site quite quick ready.

We also needed to manage various information types (LCs, members, logins, events, news). Facry made my work very easy. How? All it was needed to be done was to create a cfcomponent(a class, a component). After that farcry created for me database structure, admin interface and some basic display ways for that objects.

You can have a look here. Don’t blame for the design.

Also if you are searching for an alternative to Coldfusion(it has a preety expensive license cost), you can always use Ralio.

I’m back

Missed me? I hope you did.
Some news about me and my activity in the past 2 months:
– i’m the newest employee of lunarpages.com. Last night i had to read the introduction part regarding the things i will have to do there and i am pretty tired.
– i also managed to convince my father that he should let me drive again, but not for a long time because i hope i will be able to take my own car.
– bumbacea.ro is not longer registered via mydomain.ro(aka Vodafone RO) and i succeed to drop all the restrictions i had there
– i’m thinking of buying a new desktop because i need it for work.
– i was the eestec-er of the week
That’s all for now… i don’t know when i will be back again, but i hope we’ll meet again in short time. 😉
Take care of you and see you soon. 😀

P.S. from now on i will be writing only in english