iPad from Apple

Recently Apple sent to market iPad, that wants to be a mobile device and most probably to replace Amazon’s Kindle. We can not state that it’s a computer or tablet pc as it’s operating system it’s almost the same as the one that is on iPhone.

At first look it looks nice, works great(as any other machine with OSX on it), has a bunch of great features, bit it will not replace desktop computers. If we look closer we can say that it’s a bigger iPhone(almost same features and interface, but with bigger screen, bigger processor and much more memory).

Power of farcry cms [Coldfusion post]

A few months ago i received the task for developing an website/webapplication for eeStec LC Bucharest. Altought is not ready yet i’m able to say the Farcry was able to help me very much.

First of all Farcry is CMS(Content Management System). This was very usefull b/c i’m able to have the static pages of the site quite quick ready.

We also needed to manage various information types (LCs, members, logins, events, news). Facry made my work very easy. How? All it was needed to be done was to create a cfcomponent(a class, a component). After that farcry created for me database structure, admin interface and some basic display ways for that objects.

You can have a look here. Don’t blame for the design.

Also if you are searching for an alternative to Coldfusion(it has a preety expensive license cost), you can always use Ralio.

Back to windows or upgrade to windows 7

From last time i wrote this many things have happended. Due to the fact it was neccesary to switch back to windows i decided to go with the lastest version: 7RC. It’s a decision that sometimes i regret (stupid firewall and the fact that it comes with IIS installed by default and i can’t use apache for developement on port 80), but it was a must.

Fedora Core experience

Vista got suddenly pretty resource consuming, considering that i need to work with some programs that are resource consuming also(coldfusion, eclipse etc). I tried Windows 2k3 web edition, but some features and programs do not work the same as on XP/Vista, so i decied to go free. At first i tried Ubuntu(i had a great experience with it onto my Dell Inspiron 1501), but it seems like the support for Acer 5520G is not so good. So i searched, and searched and found out that fedora core recognize almost all hw elementss on the Acer(execpt graphics). So I installed fedora core 10 and all is fine now, just that i had some issues while installing the graphics drivers(Nvidia 8600M), for the fact that it requires that the X should not be running during the install.

Now it comes the part that i liked the most. I recently got an Mobile Broadband connection from Orange RO, that on vista and xp it was installing “Orange Business” (this is a stupid tool, that took control over all my wireless networks[mobile and wi-fi]). The modem i have is Huawei E270, that was recognized by Fedora without installing any additional drivers. Wait… there is one more cool thing: it autodetected my connections settings and here i am…oops… another thing that i forgot: 3G working great, this can not be true or at least it has to have some bugs(as Murphy would say), but from what i observed until now there is no down part. So if you you need Mobile Broadband onto linux i can assure you that Huawey E270 and Fedora core 10 make a great team.

Microsoft related

Recently I have received my MAPS(Microsoft Action Pack Subscription) that contains lot of M$ software and, of course, the necesary licenses for using that software. Considering it’s only $350/year, i consider it a great deal. For this money i got 10 licences for each of the following:

  • Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • CAL’s for the server based products

And also got license for a bunch of server products.

Since 2 weeks ago i’m Microsof Certified Professional and i must say that the exam 70-290 has questions that any windows sysadmin should know to answer as long as it got some experience with IIS, AD and other windows features. Also the exam has a few questions about designing a network of computers and also (as expected) licensing questions.

I look forward for the next exam that most probably will be on Active Directory.

Plone “love” story

A few days ago i had to change the server of eestec to vmware ESX. All good and ok, i made the necessary backups, installed ESX, installed Windows into a VM. The issue apperead when i tried to restore the plone instance to the new installed Windows server. After restoring the content as described onto the Plone site it didn’t wanted to start as supposed to. I reinstalled plone a few times and finally, today, i managed to make it work. The funny part is that i don’t know exactly why this time worked and i hope it will not need a reinstall in the near future.

I hate Plone and i consider it probably the most bizare cms software i have encountered until now. Hopefully in 3-4 months we will port the entire site into a mysql/php based custom made CMS that will integrate with the rest of the sites.

P.S. If you need to restore plone i advise you to have a full backup of Data folder. Install the same version of plone on the new machine. Copy the content of  Products folder (from the backup) over the clean install(but don’t overwrite anything!!!!). After that replace the entire var directory with the one from the backup and start plone. Hope this will work in your case… in mine … it worked.

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