Adobe WebUp #3

And there it is was Adobe WebUp #3 and there were some great speakers that explained how to write javascript more efficiently and very, very quickly.

They presented:

  • GWT, described as a good solution for enterprise application
  • CoffeeScript, a tool that helps you write js using “shortcuts”.
  • BusinessCatalyst, an “Online Business solution” – as presented by Adobe, a solution for small companies that want to have a great online experience.(not ready for bigger online business solution – missing option to write your own modules or integrating with external server side services) – Presentation slides
  • And the coolest thing i ever seen “Debugging Mobile WebSites & Apps”, where they presented Adobe Shadow, an end to end solution for debugging on webkit based mobile device tool, based on weinre. – Presentation slides

Also they allowed other companies to present open positions (not only in Adobe) – how cool is that?

I strongly advise to keep an eye for the WebUp presentations on as they intend to present other cool topics in next editions.

Experience with Linux on Core iX with ATI video laptops

Until a few days ago i owned a HP Pavilion DV3-4071ee, a very nice 13” laptop with a Core i5(first generation) and with switchable graphics from ATI that came with Windows 7 Home Premium. All programs i was using day by day were running with decent speed. Main problem came when i had to work on a symfony based project. Previously i had to work on a Drupal project and at that time, after a thorough reading i decided to go with a IIS instalation with the PHP that it’s offered by WPI.

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