Vista got suddenly pretty resource consuming, considering that i need to work with some programs that are resource consuming also(coldfusion, eclipse etc). I tried Windows 2k3 web edition, but some features and programs do not work the same as on XP/Vista, so i decied to go free. At first i tried Ubuntu(i had a great experience with it onto my Dell Inspiron 1501), but it seems like the support for Acer 5520G is not so good. So i searched, and searched and found out that fedora core recognize almost all hw elementss on the Acer(execpt graphics). So I installed fedora core 10 and all is fine now, just that i had some issues while installing the graphics drivers(Nvidia 8600M), for the fact that it requires that the X should not be running during the install.

Now it comes the part that i liked the most. I recently got an Mobile Broadband connection from Orange RO, that on vista and xp it was installing "Orange Business" (this is a stupid tool, that took control over all my wireless networks[mobile and wi-fi]). The modem i have is Huawei E270, that was recognized by Fedora without installing any additional drivers. Wait... there is one more cool thing: it autodetected my connections settings and here i am...oops... another thing that i forgot: 3G working great, this can not be true or at least it has to have some bugs(as Murphy would say), but from what i observed until now there is no down part. So if you you need Mobile Broadband onto linux i can assure you that Huawey E270 and Fedora core 10 make a great team.