And there it is was Adobe WebUp #3 and there were some great speakers that explained how to write javascript more efficiently and very, very quickly.

They presented:

  • GWT, described as a good solution for enterprise application
  • CoffeeScript, a tool that helps you write js using "shortcuts".
  • BusinessCatalyst, an "Online Business solution" - as presented by Adobe, a solution for small companies that want to have a great online experience.(not ready for bigger online business solution - missing option to write your own modules or integrating with external server side services) - Presentation slides
  • And the coolest thing i ever seen "Debugging Mobile WebSites & Apps", where they presented Adobe Shadow, an end to end solution for debugging on webkit based mobile device tool, based on weinre. - Presentation slides

Also they allowed other companies to present open positions (not only in Adobe) - how cool is that?

I strongly advise to keep an eye for the WebUp presentations on as they intend to present other cool topics in next editions.