This time, it was quite short (19:45 - 21:10) with only 2 presentation, both directly related to some cool js libraries.

First presentation was kept by a student(Andrei Oprea), that is an intern at Adobe RO. He presented an online version of tool that resembles with PowerPoint -
This tool is based on a node.js server with front-end developed using less, jQuery, bootstrap and require.js. About jQuery, less and bootstrap i heard also before, but require.js was the new stuff.

What's require.js? It's a dependency management library, that can help you a lot in terms of concurrency issues at load(we all had this problem at least once).

The tool presented is able to generate, as final result, a zip file containing all required files in order to run it on compatible browser( the content and the libraries required + a tiny bash script that will start a python web server ). For the moment it's not able to edit previously created presentation, but  i understood that the maintainer want's to integrate this with git or something similar so you'll be able to save presentation and restore it at a later point for further changes.

The second session was about same require.js library (kept by Alexandru Topliceanu), but this time the software got naked, we've seen some code. We were presented a custom built MVC  based on jQuery, underscorejs ( _ ), bootstrap ( only for graphic part - as presenter said "I'm not a good designer" ) and Backbone.js.

So it seems that today's event celebrity was require.js. A lot of cool features were presented, some of them worth mentioning:

  • dependency management - allows to load required components and only after that run the code
  • helpers for loading various types of data/code and compile them : coffescript, less, json
  • it offers possibility to compile the entire js code into one single minifed file that will contain the entire code to be run in the correct order. A nice example give by the presenters was the ability to compile coffescript code.
You can read more about require.js here.

Also we got some preview of what's going to happend in Adobe WebUp #10, there will be a presentation about ruby and Sinatra.